Welcome to KUBT

KUBT Korea USA Battery Technology consists of our consortium partners based in Korea who have been providing Engineered Turnkey Lithium Ion and Lithium Polymer battery manufacturing equipment since the early 1990’s. By far, KUBT Consortium have the most experience and the most capital equipment producing batteries globally.

KUBT brings this wealth of expertise to the USA and North America for the future of Lithium Ion and Lithium Polymer battery manufacturing.

From initial concept and application engineering, to producing and delivering our highest quality manufacturing hardware systems, KUBT delivers the capital equipment to produce your battery requirements.

Every day, we manufacture and provide battery capital equipment that makes the new standard of performance for large-size lithium-ion polymer battery technology. Our multiple equipments, mixer, coater, slitter, winder, and assembly tools, all combine to customize the optimal solution that provide a guaranteed turnkey manufacturing capital equipment to produce lithium-ion and lithium-polymer battery for HEV and all battery requirements.

Consider the GM Chevrolet Volt, what kind of the battery technology is used? How the Lithium Ion battery can help reduce the energy consumption? All answers would be suggested by KUBT consortium with its experience and performance.

Learn more about KUBT consortium, our technology, and our position in the battery capital equipment manufacturing industry.

KUBT mean Lithium-Ion Lithium-Polymer Battery Manufacturing Equipment.