KUBT Engineering and Proposal services, KUBT personnel will define the correct manufacturing system and process to implement for your Lithium Ion and Lithium Polymer application, based upon your formula, product design and manufacturing volume required.

KUBT Realistic Engineering and Proposal services expertise; will get the customer to the product goals in the shortest amount of time with cost effective Engineering per the budgetary requirements of the customer program.

KUBT provides two specialized services; one is “Audit” and the other is “BMS Development Support”

The Audit is; after all battery equipments are set up and pilot production is started, new battery production companies face a problem, how to meet the qualification requirement of global companies. Based on 10 years of working with Samsung and hundreds of other auditing experiences, KUBT personal in conjunction with our consortium partner’s expertise provides best in industry solution.

The KUBT BMS Battery Management System Development Support is; after the battery cell is made, it should be packed in the safest way possible. KUBT consortium will help the battery packaging companies to develop proper BMS.