About Us

KUBT, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan supporting our NAFTA customers.

Korea USA Battery Technology Consortium provides our customer with the right equipment solution to produce lithium-ion battery cells such as the lithium-ion battery used on the Chevrolet Volt.

To manufacture lithium-ion battery cells, there are various processes requiring the following manufacturing procedures and capital equipment; mixing, coating, roll pressing, slitting, winding, assembling, welding, packaging with documentation per each assembly.

KUBT consortium delivers all required R & D, Engineering and Capital equipment for a turn-key manufacturing system with a successful history of installations.

KUBT can supply the biggest mixing equipment. They are using 1350L size Planetary Mixing Stainless Steel tank to mix the materials and their specially designed two blades are elaborately rotated at 1600rpm.

KUBT has a full line-up of electrode manufacturing process. Especially, their separator coater helps the lithium-ion cell manufactures to produce the safest battery cells with the unique coating technology about 15 micron coating thickness at max.50m/min machine speed to increase the safety of the batteries.

KUBT has the global No.1 winding machine maker as no other company can compete with its high speed and high throughput winding machine. For HEV, they are making the winding machine to cover A4-size at 3ppm.

KUBT have proven their technology of lithium polymer battery assembly. They provided the leading battery manufacturer in Korea with a specially designed full automation assembly solutions. This solution will help manufactures to increase the throughput in the safest way possible.

KUBT in USA can create effective networking channel to bridge the  customers with KUBT consortium in USA market

KUBT consortium will provide a guaranteed turn- key manufacturing capital equipment to produce lithium-ion and lithium-polymer battery for HEV and all battery requirements.